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Selecting individual columns from one or more tables
Sort by selected columns
1 Below one or more selected columns, choose either Ascending or
Descending from the sorting drop-down list. To sort by a group of
columns, put the columns in the order you want by dragging them
as needed. Sorting is applied from left to right.
Join multiple tables
1 Click Show Table on the Design tab of the ribbon.
2 In the Show Table popup window, click a second related table to
add to the query grid.
3 Click Add. (Note that the relationship is automatically shown in the
4 Click Close to close the Show Table popup window.
Select fields to display from more than one table.
TIP If you have relationships in your database, Access will use
these to join your tables. If your tables are not joined, you can
click a field in one table and drag it onto another table to link the
tables together. All tables shown on the query grid should be joined
together. Otherwise, you will get all the rows from one table shown
against every row from another table.
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