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Filtering by single and multiple combinations of choices
Add a second set of criteria
The following table provides examples of using symbols in criteria
to alter how data is matched.
Like ‘*John’ or Like ‘John*’
or Like ‘*John*’
Wildcard searching in text fields. You do not need to type Like.
Matches a date. You do not need to type the pound (#) symbol.
BETWEEN 1 and 4
BETWEEN #01/10/2012#
AND #05/10/2012#
Number or date range comparison. Includes the first and last criteria.
Set of data values.
<>, >, <,
<=, >=,!=
> 25
<> ‘France’
General and arithmetic comparison; <> and != both mean not equal to.
Like ‘Fr[?]’
Would match Fra, FrB, frC
Character pattern matching. Match any character (numbers and letters).
Different from * in that [?] will include only records with only one
character after ‘Fr’. That is, it wouldn’t return ‘France’.
Like ‘000[#]’
Would match 0001, 0002…
Character pattern match (0–9) for a single character.
Like ‘DNA[A-Z]’
Would match DNAA,
Character pattern match (A–Z) for a single character.
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