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Returning the top matched records
Returning the top matched records
If you order a set of results with a query, you might be
interested in only a limited number of records—for example, the top
five records, or the top 10% of records. A query has a Top Values
property to give you control over the number of records being
Return the top matched records
1 Sort your data.
2 Click to select the number of records to show. You can enter values
other than those shown in the list—for example, the top 3 records
instead of the top 5.
TIP With our dataset, if we select the top 11 records, we
actually see 12 records. This is because the top 11th and 12th
records have the same value. Access always performs what is known as
a TOP WITH TIES calculation, where records that tie for last place are
always shown.
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