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Creating a crosstab query with the Query Wizard
Create a crosstab query
8 Select one column to act as the new column heading, and click
9 Select the column to summarize.
10 Select the calculation type to use, and click Next.
11 Type a name for your query, and click Finish.
12 Select design view.
13 In the query Column Headings property field, type a fixed set of
TIP The resulting crosstab query breaks down the orders
received for each product into individual months (1–12),
showing the sales of each product in each month in the month
columns, with a row for each product. If new products and sales are
added to the underlying tables, these will be included each time the
crosstab query is run, adding new columns and rows as necessary.
TIP The column headings in a crosstab query are dynamic (for
example, you could have only months 1,6, and 7), but you can
fix these so that a column is always shown, even when it has no data. In
the query properties, you will find a Column Headings property. In our
example, setting that to a value of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 ensures
that we have a column heading for each month.
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