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Creating a table by using a Make Table query
Creating a table by using a Make Table query
The Make Table query creates a new table based upon the
selections that you choose on the query grid. This type of query
is useful when you are improving the design of a database by
creating new lists of data or by splitting the data in one table
into a set of tables.
If you have imported data, you can run Make Table queries to
move the imported data into new tables.
In this example, we will split out a list of contacts from the
Customers table to create a new table that allows the tables to
record multiple contacts against each customer, improving the
flexibility of the database design.
Create a table by using a Make Table
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Query Design.
3 Add your tables and fields to the query grid.
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TIP When importing data, if you are repeating the import
process on a regular basis and you have made other changes to
the design of new tables created by a Make Table query, you might
consider keeping any tables created during the processing of data,
using a Delete query to empty a table, and then using an Append
query to add in new data. This will prevent you from having to
continue to use Make Table queries to re-create new tables and losing
any other changes you made to the tables.
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