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Adding data to an existing table with an Append query
Adding data to an existing table with an Append query
Append queries enable you to select data from existing tables
and add data into another table. Any rules or validation defined
in the table into which the data is added are enforced when you
try to append the data.
table, you can see the name of the table by viewing the SQL.
(It is not shown on the query grid.) After you have selected the
target table, fields where names match are automatically paired
together; if the names are different, you can select the
corresponding fields.
You are allowed to select data from several tables, but you can
append only to a single table. After you have selected the target
Add data to an existing table
1 Start with a select query including your table, select the fields to be
used in the new table, and then click Append.
2 Select the table into which to append the data.
3 Click OK.
4 Use the drop-down list of available fields to match up any fields
where the names are different. Where the names are the same, the
Field and Append To rows will be matched.
5 Click Run.
6 Click Yes to add data to your table.
TIP Change the view of the query to Datasheet view to verify
that the data to be appended is what you expect, and then you
can return to design view to amend your query if required and
continue to execute the query.
TIP You can also type data such as numbers or text into the
Field column to be appended into specific fields in the target
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