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Adding only new data that is not already in a table
Adding only new data that is not already in a table
If you are importing data from a source table on a regular basis
and you need to add that data to a table that might already
include some of the imported data, you can use the properties
of a join to ensure that you add only new records not already in
the target table.
The technique is to have the target table not only appear as
the table into which new rows will be added, but to also join
that table to the table containing the imported data. Then you
specify the join to include all records from the source table but
to exclude those that are already matched in the target table.
Add only new data
1 Start with a select query, containing the source table, in our
example Customers. Then Create an Append Query.
2 Specify the target table, and click OK.
3 Add the source table to the query grid. Our Customers table
contains the data to be added to the Contacts table.
4 Join all the fields to be matched. In our example, these are the
CustomerID, ContactName, and ContactTitle fields.
5 Set each join to include all the records from the source table
(Customers), and double-click the joining line to display the join
6 Choose one part of the joining fields from the target table.
7 Remove the field name to which it will append.
8 Add Is Null Criteria to the field. This limits the query to appending
only new records.
6 5
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