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Creating a datasheet form with conditional formatting
Creating a datasheet form with conditional formatting
The More Forms datasheet template creates a form that is set to
display the form in Datasheet view. In addition to using the
standard features of a datasheet, such as dragging columns to the
left or right or sorting using drop-down arrows from the column
headers, you can take advantage of other formatting features,
such as conditional formatting, when using this form.
Conditional formatting allows you create rules that alter the
color and other format properties of a field, depending on the
data it contains. This includes displaying a data bar showing
the percentage of a value when compared to the total for the
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Create a datasheet form
1 Click to highlight a table in the navigation pane.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 Click the More Forms drop-down arrow in the Forms group.
4 Click Datasheet on the submenu.
5 Click in a column to apply conditional formatting.
6 Click Conditional Formatting.
7 In the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager popup window, click
New Rule.
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