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Creating a datasheet form with conditional formatting
Create a datasheet form
8 In the New Formatting Rule popup window, select an expression.
9 Type a value for the comparison.
10 Change the background color for the rule.
11 Click OK to close the New Formatting Rule popup window, and
then click OK to close the Conditional Formatting Rule Manager
popup window.
TIP If you view this form in design view, you will see that the
controls are displayed in a stacked layout that does not look the
same as the datasheet presentation. This is because the Datasheet view
uses a special built-in presentation, and design view displays a layout
that shows the fields to be included in the Datasheet view, not the
actual datasheet presentation. You will also see that the form’s Allow
Form View property has been set to No, preventing this form from
being switched to form view.
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