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Creating a single record form with the Form Wizard
Creating a single record form with the Form Wizard
A single record form displays a columnar layout of fields for
a single record, which means that you have more screen area
available for your layout, but you can see only one record at
a time. In comparison, with a tabular layout, where you often
need to scroll left or right to see additional information.
You can use this type of form with one or more subforms to
display data from related tables. (A continuous form cannot be
used with subforms.) The form does not use a stacked layout for
the controls, which means that you can position controls
individually without moving them around on a fixed layout.
Create a single record form
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Form Wizard in the Forms group.
3 Select a table or query.
4 Select the fields to display.
5 Click Next.
6 Click Columnar.
7 Click Finish.
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