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Working with form views
Working with form views
You can change forms between different presentations. The
form has a property (which you can change in design view)
called Default View . This property supports the options Single
Form, Continuous Forms, Datasheet, and Split Form.
choices. The following properties on the form further control
these choices:
Allow Form View
Allow Datasheet View
Allow Layout View
When a form is open, the choices on the Home tab for the
View drop-down submenu will change depending on whether
the default view is set to Datasheet or one of the other three
Change the default view
1 With a form open, select Design View. (The View drop-down
submenu might be different from the example shown here, depending
on the form properties.)
2 On the Design tab, click Property Sheet.
3 Select Form.
4 Click the Format tab.
5 Change the Default View property. To see the changed default
presentation, close and save the form and then reopen the form from
the navigation pane.
TIP Although you can change the Default View property from
Continuous Forms to Single Form, this controls only whether
multiple or single records are displayed. You would still need to change
the layout of the controls, moving controls to appropriate positions on
the form to get the desired look for the presentation. A single form
usually has both labels and controls in the detail section, while a
continuous form usually has the labels in the header and the controls in
the detail section. A great feature in Access is that you can mix these
options together and come up with your own original presentations.
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