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Working with control layouts
Working with control layouts
When working with the design of a form, you can either work
in layout view, where having a control layout is an advantage,
or in design view, where the layout can still be used but can be
less productive if you are not used to working with it (because it
restricts the positioning of the controls).
A form can have multiple control layouts. Each layout limits you
in terms of where you can place controls, but it assists you by
automatically presenting the controls within a tabulated layout.
In this example, we show how to remove a control layout if you
prefer not to work with this feature.
Remove a control layout
1 Click the Arrange tab.
2 Click a control in the layout.
3 Click Select Layout.
4 Click Remove layout.
2 3
TIP With a continuous form, you can add a tabular layout, and
with a single form you can add stacked layouts. To add a layout,
select the controls by using the Shift key, and use the Stacked or
Tabular buttons on the Arrange tab in the Table group.
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