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Creating a parent/child form with the Form Wizard
Creating a parent/child form with the Form Wizard
Parent-child layouts allow the relationship between two tables
(where a record in one table corresponds to multiple records in
another table) to be represented with a subform embedded on
the main (parent) form. As you move through the main form,
the related records in the subform are automatically filtered by
linking field properties on the subform control.
An alternative to a child subform presentation is to pop up a
separate window displaying the related child records. You can
create forms that use these features with the Form Wizard. The
Form Wizard allows you to select fields from different tables and
automatically creates an appropriate presentation.
Create a parent/child form with a
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Form Wizard in the Forms group.
3 Select the parent table.
4 Choose fields from the parent table.
5 Select the child table (which is related to the parent table).
6 Select fields from the child table.
7 Click Next.
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TIP If you select Linked Forms, the child information will be
displayed in a separate popup form, and a button will be added
to the parent form to pop up the child records.
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