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Controlling editing and data entry in a form
Controlling editing and data entry in a form
In form design mode, you can set a form’s data properties to
control whether data can be added, deleted, or updated on
the form. Forms also have a special data entry mode, where
each time the form is opened it is blank and, as you enter new
records, only those new records are displayed in the form. This is
useful when you are entering a batch of records.
You can also control whether a user can add new records ( Allow
Additions property), delete records ( Allow Deletions property),
and edit records ( Allow Edits property) when viewing data in
the form. These properties are located below the Data Entry
Change a form to data entry
1 Click the Design tab.
2 Click Property Sheet in the Tools group.
3 Select Form in the Selection Type drop-down list.
4 Click the Data tab.
5 Change the Data Entry property to Yes.
TIP Individual controls have a Locked property (Data
properties) that prevents values from being entered or changed
in the control and an Enabled property controlling whether a user can
click the control. These properties allow you to set the Allow Edits
property to Yes on the form but then restrict the individual controls
that can be edited.
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