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Changing the data source for a form
Changing the data source for a form
A form has a Record Source property that indicates the table
or query providing the data for the form. You can change this
property as long as the new source of data has the same set of
field names that are used in the controls on the form.
to a SQL string, which is then saved in the Record Source
property of the form. You can then use the builder to edit this string
to change the data displayed in the form.
In design view, if you start with a form created based on a table,
you can use the build button to enter the query design view.
From there, you can change the form’s Record Source property
2 3
Change the record source from a
table to SQL
1 Click the Design tab.
2 Click Property Sheet in the Tools group.
3 Select Form in the Selection Type drop-down list.
4 Click the Data tab.
5 Click the build button (…) for the Record Source property.
Click Yes to open the Query Builder.
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TIP If you already have another query that you want to use
with the form, you can select it for the Record Source property,
which can also display a drop-down list of tables and queries. However,
you need to ensure that the field names contained in the new query
include all of those used in the controls displayed on the form.
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