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Organizing your database with navigation forms
organizing your database with navigation forms
A navigation form is a special form that allows you to create a
form with a set of tabs that can display other forms or reports.
(The reports will be displayed in report view.) You can open the
form in layout view and drag other forms from the navigation
pane onto the [Add New] area of the Navigation Form window
to create additional links that will display the new forms inside
the Navigation Form presentation.
Creating a two-level navigation form allows you to build a set of
tabs with titles, which enables you to then group together forms
and reports under each title. For example, a Customer Info tab
could have a number of forms for displaying different views of
customer information.
Create a navigation form
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click the Navigation drop-down arrow in the Forms group.
3 Select Horizontal Tabs on the submenu.
4 Open the navigation pane by using the shutter bar.
5 Click to select a form.
Drag the form onto the Navigation Form next to the [Add New] tab.
This will create a new tab for the selected form.
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TIP If you choose to create a two-level navigation form, you
can click in the [Add New] tab on the first level and type text.
Clicking a tab in the first level then allows you to drag forms or reports
onto the second-level tab, creating a hierarchy of tabs.
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