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Adding fields to a form in design view
Adding fields to a form in design view
In form design, you can delete controls by selecting the control
and pressing the Delete key. To add fields, you can drag
selections from the Field List, which then adds the field control and
label control to the form.
In a single record form, both the label and field control are
added to the Detail section of the form. In a continuous form,
however, after adding the field control, you need to move the
label from the Detail section into the Form Header section.
Add a field to a single record form
1 Click Add Existing Fields in the Tools group on the Design tab.
2 Select the desired field to be added.
3 Drag the field onto the Detail section.
CAUTION If your form is using a layout to group fields
together (you can see this if you click a field and it is shown
with a dashed outline around all the grouped fields), you should use
the methods described in “Adding fields to a form in layout view” on
page 148, or, alternatively, remove the layout before using the
technique described here.
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