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Adding fields to a form in layout view
Adding fields to a form in layout view
When adjusting a form by adding or deleting fields in layout
view, it is important that you have your fields organized to use
layout groups. These groups, which are added when a form is
created (depending on the technique used to create the form,
as described in previous tasks), provide a tabular or stacked
layout for the controls.
There is a set of icons on the Form Layout Tools tab (on the
Arrange context tab) that you should use when making changes
to these layout groups of controls in layout view.
Add a field to a single record form
1 With the form displayed in layout view, click Add Existing Fields in
the Tools group on the Design tab.
2 Select the desired field to be added.
3 Drag the field onto the Detail section.
CAUTION If your form is not using a layout to group fields
together (you can see this in layout view: if you click on a field,
it is shown with a dashed outline around all the fields in the group),
you should use the methods described in “Adding fields to a form in
design view” on page 146, or, alternatively, add a layout grouping all
the controls before using the technique described here.
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