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Creating labels and text boxes
Creating labels and text boxes
If you add a field from the Field List pane, the field is often
displayed as a text box with an associated label (attached to
the text box). You can add other unbound text boxes and labels
from the label and text box controls.
Labels can be used to provide additional descriptive
information, and text boxes can remain unbound, gathering choices
made by a user, or can be bound to an existing field in the
form’s record source via the control’s Control Source property.
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Create a label and an unbound text box
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 Click the label in the Controls toolbox.
3 Click in the form to position the label. You can then type text into
the label.
4 Click the text box control.
5 Click in the form to position the control.
Click to select the label. Then click the label again to change the
text in the label.
TIP If you plan on later referring to the control by using
macros or other programming, ensure that you change the
Control Name property to something more meaningful than the
default naming. For example, you could change a text box named
Text0 to txtCustomerName.
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