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Creating check boxes, option buttons, and toggle buttons
Creating check boxes, option buttons, and toggle buttons
If you have a Yes/No field in your table, you can use a check box,
option button, or toggle button to display and change the value
in that field. If you drag a Yes/No field from the Field List pane,
it will be displayed by default with a check box.
These controls operate independently of other similar controls
on a form. If you want to have several check boxes that operate
together, providing a set of choices from which only one choice
can be made, you need to use an option group control.
Create an option button and toggle
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 Click Add Existing Fields.
3 Click the option button in the Controls toolbox.
4 Click a Yes/No field in the Field List pane.
5 Drag the field onto the form.
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TIP If you want to add an unbound control, you can drag the
control directly onto the form. For an unbound option button,
check box, or toggle button, you would need to add macro
programming code to make the controls perform an operation.
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