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Creating list boxes
Creating list boxes
List boxes are a great choice of control when there are, for
example, 10–20 options. You can configure list boxes through
properties to allow multiple selections to be made. (For this, you
need either an unbound list box or a multivalue field in your
Both list and combo boxes can display choices that you enter
when designing the control as a list of values, or they can look
up values from a table or query. In this example, we show how
to create a list box based on a set of supplied values.
Create a list box based on values
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 Click the list box button in the Controls toolbox.
3 Click and hold the mouse at a suitable position on the form.
4 Drag the mouse across an area to size the control.
5 Click I Will Type In The Values That I Want, and click Next.
6 Type 2 for the number of columns.
7 Type choices for both columns, and click Next.
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TIP When working with combo boxes and list boxes, you
might decide to use two columns, where the first column will
contain the value to be saved and the second column will provide a
text description of the value. List boxes are often used to display
multiple columns of information.
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