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Creating list boxes
Create a list box based on values
8 Select Col1 to be the value saved, and click Next.
9 Click Store That Value In This Field.
10 Select a field from the drop-down list, and click Next.
11 Type a label for the field, and click Finish. (The form is shown here
in form view with the completed list box.)
TIP In the design of a table, you can specify that a field is
displayed as a list or combo box in the field properties. This can
be based either on data in a table or on a set of values. Specifying the
display type and values for the field in the table design means that if
you drag the field from the Field List pane or use a wizard to create a
form, the field will be displayed using the appropriate control type; this
saves you a lot of time when laying out forms.
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