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Creating logos and titles
Creating logos and titles
There is a button on the ribbon that you can use to add a title
to your form. Clicking this button adds a label control onto the
Form Header section, using a stacked layout, which creates two
cells. The second cell will contain a label control that you can use
to provide a title for your form. The first cell is blank, and you
can use the Logo button (which adds an image control to the
form) to add an image in this cell.
The shared stacked layout used for both these controls means
that it does not matter whether you first add the logo or the
title; you will get the same result.
Create a logo and title
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 Click the Logo button.
3 Browse to locate the file, and click OK.
4 Click the Title button.
5 Type text for your title into the label control.
TIP Using this technique to add a logo to several forms will
create a separate embedded copy of the image on each form.
(It is a good idea to check and reduce the size of an image file before
adding it to a form.) If you have a large image, you can use the Image
Gallery described in “Create an image with the Image Gallery” on page
167 to add a shared image, which will reduce the storage required in
the database for any images.
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