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Creating image controls
Creating image controls
An image control is used to display an embedded, linked, or
shared image. You can add an image control from the Controls
toolbox or by using the image button on the ribbon.
and reports. The advantage of this approach is that the image is
actually held only once inside the database, so you minimize the
amount of storage used in your database, especially if you have
a large image file.
If you use the image button, the image will also be available
from the drop-down list of images to be added to other forms
Create an image with the image control
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 Click the image button in the Controls toolbox.
3 Place the control on the form.
4 In the Insert Picture popup window, select the image and click OK.
TIP If you examine the Picture Type property of the control,
you will see that it is embedded (meaning that a copy of the
image is held on the form). Other Picture Type property options
include linked , where the image is held external to the database as a
file, and shared , where the image is held inside the database but shared
from a single copy.
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