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Creating attachments
Creating attachments
An attachment control is used to display objects that are stored
as attachments in your table. Each attachment field can store
multiple documents. When displaying an attachment field, the
control displays the first attachment stored in the field and
allows you to select other attachments.
We have shown the attachment control in the Controls toolbox,
but it would be quite unusual to add an attachment directly by
using the control (unless you needed an unbound attachment
field, which would require significant programming). To add an
attachment, you would usually drag it from the Field List pane
as described here.
Create an attachment
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab with a form
open in design view.
2 In the Tools section, click Add Existing Fields.
3 Select an attachment data type field.
4 Drag the field onto the form.
TIP When you are viewing data through the form, if you
load an image into an attachment, the attachment control
displays the image. For other document types, the control displays an
icon, which you can then open to display the document.
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