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Working with tab controls
Working with tab controls
A tab control allows you to provide a control with multiple
tab pages. You can give each tab page a name, and in design
view, you can drag multiple controls from the Field List pane
onto each tab page. This is very useful when you have a large
number of controls that can be logically grouped together to
provide a simpler interface consisting of multiple tab pages.
You can also use the dragging technique described in “Adding
a subform to an existing form,” on page 150, to drag subforms
onto separate tab pages. This allows you to create very
sophisticated interfaces with the tab control.
Work with a tab control
1 On the Form Design Tools ribbon, click the Design tab.
2 In the Tools section, click Add Existing Fields.
3 Click the tab control button in the Controls toolbox.
Position and resize the tab control.
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TIP If you right-click with the tab control or a tab page
selected, you will see options to insert or delete pages and
change the page order. If you display the controls properties, the
Caption property for each page allows the text in the tab to be
changed. (If you don’t type a caption, the tab name is used as the
caption instead.)
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