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Setting control defaults
Setting control defaults
If you want the presentation of all your text boxes, combo
boxes, or other controls on a form to be displayed using a
particular choice of colors or fonts, you can change the default
settings of each type of control on a form or report so that any
new controls added to the form are displayed with these default
settings. (Changing these settings does not affect existing
controls on the form.)
In this example, we change the font size for the displayed text
box and then, when a new text box is added to the form, it is
displayed using the new control default.
Set control defaults
1 With a form in design view, select a label.
2 On the Form Design Tools Format tab, change the background
color for the control.
3 On the Design tab, click the Controls toolbox drop-down arrow,
and then click Set Control Defaults.
TIP Each control has a set of presentation defaults. If you set
up a form or report that has one of each desired control type
with modified defaults (normally a label, text box, combo box, and list
box, and background colors for the form sections are sufficient), on the
Access Options popup window (which you access by clicking File on the
Object Designers tab and choosing Options from the submenu), you
can specify this name as the Form template or Report template. The
presentation defaults are then used as a set of defaults when you
create a new form or report. These settings will not be used by any of
the wizards nor will they affect existing forms, but this is a valuable
technique for standardizing the fonts and colors on controls.
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