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Applying Office themes
Applying office themes
Office themes offer three buttons (Themes, Colors, and Fonts)
you can use to adjust the presentation of your forms and
reports. The advantage of this feature is that you can apply
specialized changes to a single object or apply changes to all
matching objects. This provides you with a very quick method
for changing the overall look of your reports and forms.
In this example, we show only the simplest of methods for
applying changes by using a theme, but the technique equally
applies to using the color or font options. You can apply these
changes with a form either in layout or design view, but here we
use layout view because it is probably the more natural view in
which to apply these changes.
Apply an office theme
1 With a form open in layout view, click the Design tab.
2 Click Themes, and as you point to a selected theme, you will see the
form or report presentation change that reflects the theme.
3 Right-click the required theme, and choose Apply Theme To All
Matching Objects from the shortcut menu. This means that if you
open another form, it will also be displayed with the new theme.
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