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Creating a tabular report with multiple tables
Creating a tabular report with multiple tables
Like a form, a report can have a header and footer above and
below the detail section, and within this it also supports a page
header/footer. Reports are different from forms in that they
allow the detail section to be surrounded by multiple groupings
based on common field values. Each layer of grouping supports
a group header for adding titles to columns and a group footer
that can provide summary information for the group.
In this example, we show how to select fields from two related
tables that will also introduce a single grouping for the data. The
Report Wizard also prompts you to add extra levels of grouping.
Create a tabular report
1 Click the Create tab.
2 In the reports group, click Report Wizard.
3 In the Report Wizard, select your first table.
4 Choose fields from the first table.
5 On the same page, use the drop-down box to select a second,
related table.
6 Choose fields from this second table.
7 Click Next.
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