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Creating a tabular report with multiple tables
Create a tabular report
15 On the next page of the Report Wizard, optionally change the
name of the report and then select whether to open the report in
Print Preview or Design view. Click Finish. The completed report is
now displayed in Print Preview.
16 On the Home tab, click View, and select Design View from the
17 For our example, in Design view you can see a new additional
grouping on CustomerID added by the Report Wizard around the
detail section. In this case, the grouping has a header but no footer.
Adjust the width of any fields where the label or data is not fully
TIP When a number or date field does not have enough space
to display the information, the data will be shown with pound
or hash (#) symbols. In this situation, you need to alter the layout to
resize the field to display the information.
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