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Altering the presentation of controls on a page
Altering the presentation of controls on a page
In all these examples, we prepared our report using the Report
Wizard, which means that the controls are not locked into a
layout. We start by looking at how to perform basic adjustments
to the presentation of controls on a report, such as altering a
control width, or alignment, and splitting label text over multiple
Unlike a form, which has a default view that you can set to
Single Form or Continuous Form, a report always displays a
continuous table of data. However, by moving controls and labels
into the Detail section or group header/footer sections, we can
change a tabulation to a single record style of presentation.
Alter the size and position of a control
1 Right-click the report in the navigation pane, and select Design
2 If you have a label that is too long and overlaps other labels, click
into the text on a label in the page header and position the cursor
where you want to split the label text over two lines.
3 Press Ctrl+Enter to split the title. (Shown here is the result of doing
this on the Order Date label.) The page header’s height will increase
to accommodate the label over two lines.
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TIP If you already have a report open, use the View button on
the Home tab to switch to Design view.
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