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Working with controls and sections
Working with controls and sections
One main differences between reports and forms is that reports
have more sections, and by using grouping, further sections
can be added to the report. You will often need to increase or
decrease the available space in a section and move controls and
labels between sections.
When moving controls from a detail section into a group
header, you can produce a presentation that combines the
tabulation of the detail section with a single record presentation
in the header.
Move controls between sections
1 With your report in Design view, drag down any closed group
header section to make space for moving controls.
2 We now want to reposition all labels inside the CustomerID group
header so that they are repeated for each customer record. Drag
the labels from the page header section into the group header.
Some labels can be moved individually, and others can be moved
with multiple labels selected.
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TIP Sometimes you might want to show a grouping field in
the detail section while suppressing the display of duplicate
values, or you might have other fields in the report where duplicate
values need to be suppressed. Each control has a Hide Duplicates
property to support this.
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