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Adding a running sum
Adding a running sum
Tex t box controls have a Running Sum property, which, when set
to true, causes the control to display a running total of a
numerical field. You can set the Running Sum property either to ignore
any groups and run over all data in the report or to run over a
group, where it runs over only a single group value and is reset
before producing results for the next group.
In our example, we apply the Running Sum property to the
quantity for a sales order, and we set the running total to be
over a grouping on the OrderID.
Add a running sum
1 In Design view, click a field that contains numerical data.
2 In the Tools group on the Design tab, click Property Sheet.
3 Click the Data tab.
4 Change the Running Sum property to Over Group.
TIP When adding a running sum or any summary calculation,
you might want to display this at the bottom of each page. If
you try to place a bound control in the page footer, you will see an
error message displayed. To add these or similar calculation to a page
footer, you must add an unbound control in the footer and then add
program code to the report section. You might find it simpler to
display the control in a group footer.
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