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Managing data and page breaks
Managing data and page breaks
It is often very important to manage page breaks in your data.
In this section, we look at two techniques for managing this. The
first technique involves setting the Force New Page property
(available on all sections except for the page header/footer).
The second technique uses a property of all sections of a report
(except the page header/footer) Keep Together . When this
property is set to Yes, the report will throw a new page if it cannot
fit all information within the section on the current page. By
default, this property is set to true.
You should also look very carefully at the Keep Together
property described in the next task, “Adding sorting and grouping
on reports ,” on page 188, because these topics are interrelated.
Force a new page
1 In Design view, select a group footer section.
2 In the Tools group on the Design tab, click Property Sheet.
3 Click the Format tab.
4 Set the Force New Page property to After Section.
TIP In Design view (on the Design tab in the Controls group),
clicking the Controls icon displays a Page Break control; this
gives you finer control of where page breaks occur in a report.
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