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Adding sorting and grouping on reports
Adding sorting and grouping on reports
Sorting and grouping provides a flexible way to add new
sections around the detail section to organize your records. Each
sort or group can have a header and/or footer area. The header
displays titles and columns that are common to the records
that will be displayed inside the group, and the footer displays
summary information such as a record count or the sum of a
particular value.
Adding grouping to your reports allows you create a parent/
child-styled presentation of data without the need to use a
subreport. In this case, you group on a parent field and move
controls into the group header/footer.
Add a sort and group
1 In the Grouping & Totals group on the Design tab, with a report in
Design view, click Group & Sort.
2 In the Group, Sort, And Total section, click Add A Group.
3 Select a field for the group.
4 In the Group, Sort, And Total section, click More.
5 Click the With No Totals drop-down list.
6 Select the primary key field.
7 In the Type field, select Count Records.
8 Select the Show Grand Total check box.
9 Select the Show Subtotal In Group Footer check box.
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6 7
TIP Access has very powerful grouping features that allow
you to group on calculated expressions or incorporate user-de-
fined VBA functions for the grouping.
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