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Avoiding blank pages
Avoiding blank pages
When you are formatting a report, if the width of the page
allowing for margins exceeds the available paper width, the
report will spill over onto additional pages. Sometimes this can
display more data, and on other occasions, it displays
alternating blank pages.
Because a report is set up with a particular printer installed on
a system, when the report is used on a system with an
alternative printer that supports different margins, you can find that
a working report on one system produces blank pages on
another system and therefore needs adjustment.
Remove a blank page
1 With a report opened in Design view, switch to Print Preview to see
the formatting problem, and then Close Print Preview to return to
Design view.
2 In Design view, click the Page Setup tab.
3 Click Page Setup in the Page Layout group.
Reduce the margin width, and click OK.
TIP Other points to consider when removing blank pages
include switching from portrait to landscape orientation,
shrinking control widths, setting the control and section Can Grow
properties to Yes, or moving labels and controls together in a section
to provide a columnar layout, making the section narrower and taller.
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