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Creating a single record report with the Report Wizard
Creating a single record report with the Report Wizard
In a single record report, the field labels and controls are
displayed in the Detail section; this is different from a tabular
presentation because the controls and labels are attached and
move together in the Detail section. In a tabular report, the
labels are displayed in a section header and the controls are
displayed in the Detail section, and they do not move together
unless the report was created via the Report icon, which adds
layouts to the controls.
If you create a report either by selecting from multiple tables
in the Report Wizard or by using a query containing multiple
tables, the Report Wizard does not display a columnar option to
lay out the record but displays only tabular layout options.
Create a single record report
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Report Wizard in the Reports group.
3 Select a single table.
4 Select several fields from the table.
5 Click Next.
Do not select any fields for grouping. Click Next.
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TIP Do not add any grouping options in the Report Wizard.
Otherwise, you will not be able to select a columnar report. You
can add groupings to the report after you have finished using the
Report Wizard.
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