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Creating a parent/child report
Creating a parent/child report
A parent/child report is similar to a parent/child form, where
one table or query provides the parent record and another
table or query contains the related child records, which are
displayed in a subreport.
As an example, we will use a tabular list of orders, which we
can create by using the Report Wizard. The table on which this
report is created contains a linking field, which is the
CustomerID, although the field does not need to be displayed on the
The Report Wizard does not have any options to create these
parent/child reports. You start by creating two reports, one
of which will be the parent and the other of which will be the
child. Then you can drag the child report onto the parent report
(while it is in Design view).
Our parent report will be a columnar report that we create by
using the Report Wizard and which displays customer details.
We will start with that report in Design view. The primary key on
the parent is CustomerID, which will be used to link the parent
report to the child subreport.
Create a parent/child report
1 Create a tabular subreport by using the Report Wizard, and then
save and close the report.
2 With the parent report open in Design view (we have moved several
fields to provide space for the subreport), position the report next
to the navigation pane and select the child report to be positioned
on the parent report.
3 Drag the child report onto the parent report. This creates a
subreport control. Select Print Preview from the View drop-down
menu on the Design tab.
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TIP If you are having problems with the data in a subreport
not being filtered by the parent record, display the Report
Properties pane and examine the values in the Link Master Fields
(parent) and Link Child Fields properties. These properties also have
build buttons that can assist you in selecting the fields to use when
linking the parent report to the child report.
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