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Using labels and managing columns and rows
Using labels and managing columns and rows
Reports support portrait or landscape layouts, and in both cases
you can alter the presentation to include Columns. With the
columns presentation (which is used for labels and can also be
used to present a directory-style layout of your data), the layout
of records is split into several columns. The report can either
show data in each column—filling the page for the first column
and then moving to the next column—or display the data by
filling all columns from left to right, working down each row in
the page.
The Label Wizard is the easiest way to generate a set of labels,
which you can then further adapt, although you can add this
feature to any existing report.
Add a columns presentation
1 Select a table or query in the navigation pane.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 In the Reports group, click Labels.
4 Select an appropriate label.
5 Click Next, and on the next wizard page where you can change the
fonts, click Next.
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