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Working with layout view, report view, and Print Preview
Working with layout view, report view, and Print Preview
When you double-click a report in the navigation pane, it opens
the report in report view, which displays all the records as a
continuous list. You can then switch the report into Print
Preview to see the report paginated as it would be printed.
allowing you to easily modify the report while viewing data in
layout view. Clicking the Report button on the Create tab will
create a tabular report where the controls are placed in a layout.
The options on the Arrange tab are intended for use with a
layout presentation.
You can create forms and reports with controls organized in a
layout. The layout presentation feature has the advantage of
Alter a report in layout view
1 Select a table in the navigation pane.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 Click Report in the Reports group.
4 Click in a column row or heading.
5 Click the Arrange tab.
6 Click Select Column in the Rows & Columns group. You can
reposition, the selected column by dragging it to the left or right.
TIP You might find that it is easier to alter your presentation
by removing any control layouts. However, if you do this, you
will lose many of the benefits associated with working in layout view.
By working with control layouts, using the icons in the Rows & Columns
group on the Arrange tab, you’ll find that altering the layout is greatly
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