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Working with layout view, report view, and Print Preview
Switch between report view and Print Preview
1 Double-click a report to open it in report view.
2 Click the View drop-down arrow, and select Print Preview.
TIP As an alternative method of opening a report, in the
navigation pane you can right-click a report and choose how to
view the report, selecting Open (Report View), Layout View, or Print
Preview. If you open the report in Print Preview, closing the view will
close the report, but if you open the report in report view or layout
view and then switch to Print Preview, closing Print Preview will leave
the report displayed either in report view or in layout view.
When a report is displayed, you can use the icons on the status bar
(lower right of the screen) to switch between the available views. Even
if you first opened your report in Print Preview, you can use these icons
to quickly select any other view without closing the report.
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