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Section 11: Exchanging data
Exchanging data
In this section:
Access has fantastic support for getting data into and out of your
data■ Importing data and objects from
Linking to data in Access
Importing data from Excel
Linking to data in Excel
Importing data from text files using
Exporting data to Excel
Refreshing linked tables when files
are changed
Working with saved imports and
Exporting data as PDF documents
base by using import and export procedures. You can import data into
existing tables, or create new tables as the data is imported. In this section,
we demonstrate the most popular formats for exchanging data.
In addition to importing and exporting, you can link to the data. This
provides a dynamic link so that you will always see the latest data in the other
data source, and when linked to data in another Access database or Excel
spreadsheet, it will also dynamically reflect any changes made to the data
structures in those files.
If you have data in databases such as IBM, Oracle, Informix, SharePoint, or
SQL Server, you will find that Access also supports methods to exchange
data by linking or importing from those sources via ODBC (Open Database
Connectivity), which is a standard method for interconnecting systems.
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