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Linking to data in Excel
Linking to data in Excel
The ability to link Access to data in Excel can mean that rather
than repeatedly importing data, you can link directly to the data
in the spreadsheet. This means that you will always be working
with the latest dataset.
If you link to an Excel Worksheet and columns are subsequently
altered in the spreadsheet, when you reopen the table you will
see the linked data reflecting any structural changes to the
spreadsheet. If you would prefer not to see these changes, you
could link to a named range of cells in a worksheet instead.
Link to data in Excel
1 Click Excel in the Import & Link group on the External Data tab.
2 Select Link To The Data Source By Creating a Linked Table.
3 Browse to locate the Excel file. Select the file and click Open.
4 Click OK. You will be asked the same series of questions as
described in the preceding task, “Import data from Excel” on page
206 (steps 5 to 10).
5 The linked table is shown with a different icon in the navigation
TIP When you link to an Access table, the linked table will
allow you to edit and insert data, but when you are linked to an
Excel spreadsheet, you will find that the Access application cannot
modify the data because you have a read-only link to the Excel data.
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