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Refreshing linked tables when files are changed
Refreshing linked tables when files are changed
If you have linked tables to Access or Excel and if the files to
which you are linking are moved to a different folder or the file
name is changed, the links will no longer work. The Linked Table
Manager allows you to select several linked tables and then
inform Access of the new file path/name to the linked file.
If you know that a file name/path has changed, when relinking
you should select the option Always Prompt For A New
Location. If that option is not selected, when you refresh the links
you will be prompted to specify a valid file path each time a link
cannot be refreshed.
Refresh linked tables
1 Click Linked Table Manager in the Import & Link group on the
External Data tab.
2 Click to select any links that need to be refreshed.
3 Select the Always Prompt For New Location check box.
4 Click OK.
5 Locate the file at the new location, and click Open.
TIP For links to Access and Excel worksheets, if the source
data structure changes, the links do not need to be manually
refreshed; they automatically display the latest structure. But if the
links connect to tables in SQL Server or another database server, when
the table structures change in the other database you will need to
refresh those links.
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