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Importing data from text files using specifications
Importing data from text files using specifications
The Import Text Wizard is a very sophisticated tool that allows
you to import data in a wide variety of formats. The most
popular text format is called delimited . In this format, columns
are separated by a comma and text fields are surrounded with
double quotes. You might occasionally come across a file that
uses different delimiters, and the wizard can accommodate this.
The second format you might come across is fixed width, where
every field has a fixed number of characters. The wizard will also
help you to decide on column boundaries when you are
working with this format.
Import data from a text file
1 Click Text File in the Import & Link group on the External Data tab.
2 Keep the default selection to import the source data into a new
table in the current database.
3 Browse to locate the text file. Select the file and click Open.
Click OK.
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