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Exporting data to Excel
Exporting data to Excel
Access supports a wide range of formats for exporting data, and
in this task, we demonstrate one of the most popular—Excel.
After exporting data, you are prompted to save the export.
Saving an export allows you to easily repeat it at a later date.
Using a query allows you to choose only the required subset
of data, rather than including all the columns and rows in the
underlying tables of data.
You can export data by using a table, query, form, or report.
Export data to Excel
1 In the navigation pane, highlight the object you want to export.
2 Click Excel in the Export group on the External Data tab.
3 Type a file name for the exported file.
4 Choose the file format.
5 Click OK.
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TIP In Section 6, “Selecting data using queries,” starting on
page 95 we explain how to create a query that prompts for filter
criteria when opened. This type of parameterized query can be used
when you are exporting data and provides a great way to add flexibility
to your export routines.
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