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Section 2: Creating a custom Web App
Creating a custom
Web App
In this section:
When you start Access, the first option you see is to create a custom
Starting Access
Creating a custom Web App
Adding a table template
Showing the navigation pane
Adding a blank table
Launching a Web App
Working with the List view
Working with the Datasheet view
Working with a summary view
Finding your site and navigating to
the team site
Creating a Web App using a template
Web App. This new type of application is hosted within SharePoint. It
could be installed on-premise with your own company’s software, or you
could choose to use Office 365.
With a Web App, you get the familiarity of working in the Access
environment although the Web App is hosted either in a Microsoft Office 365
Plan (which includes Office 2013 Professional) or in your organization’s
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Server running Access Services, so you are
creating an app that can be viewed in a browser without Access being
installed on the machine. This section contains a number of key activities
that you will perform in creating a custom Web App. You will need Access
to design and modify your site, but other users can interact with the app
using only their web browser.
Because the Web App is a brand-new feature in Access, this section will
guide you through creating a Web App, while Section 3, “Modifying a Web
App,” provides more information on further developing your Web App.
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