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Working with saved imports and exports
Working with saved imports and exports
Saving imports and exports allows you to repeatedly run data
imports and exports with minimum effort. When you first
import or export data, Access promptes you to save the import/
export operation. If you save the operation at this time, you can
later take advantage of this feature to rerun the process.
If the operation involved importing or exporting data and you
have an existing file on your machine or a table in your
database, you will be prompted to overwrite the object (except
when importing from an Access database where, if the table
exists, the new imported copy will be named with a suffix, such
as Products1, Products2, and so on). If you select No, the
operation will be canceled.
Run an import/export operation
1 Click Saved Imports in the Import & Link group on the External
Data tab.
2 Select an import to run.
3 Click Run.
Click Yes to overwrite the table, or click No to cancel the import.
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