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Exporting data as PDF documents
Exporting data as PDF documents
A great feature in Access is the ability to easily facilitate
exchanging information in the PDF file format. This allows
you to export a complex report as a PDF file. Access also
supports the alternative Microsoft standard XPS (XML Paper
Exporting data in PDF format is not limited to exporting a
report. You can also export data in tables, queries, and forms in
PDF format.
Save data as a PDF document
1 Select an object in the navigation pane.
2 Click PDF Or XPS in the Export group on the External Data tab.
3 Click Options to display other publishing options.
4 Click OK.
5 Click Publish to export the data.
3 5
TIP If you have a report open in print preview, you can use the
PDF or XPS icon on the print preview ribbon tab to publish the
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