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Linking together forms
Create an embedded macro to open
a form
6 Select another form to display by using the Form Name drop-down
list of available forms.
7 Save and close the macro design tool. If you now display your form
in Form view and click the command button, it will open the other
form that you defined in the OpenForm macro command.
8 Return to Design view, and add a text box control to the form.
Ensure that you change the control name. (In our example, it is
called txtCountry.) Save your form.
9 Click to select the button control you added in step 2. Then click
the Build button to return to the macro editor, and change the
macro code embedded on your button.
10 Change the Where Condition so that data in the form that you
open will be filtered by the data entered into the text box control.
In our example, txtCountry is the control name, and the form we
are opening is based on a table that has a field called [Country].
TIP As you start typing in the Where Condition box,
IntelliSense will help you locate a form. After typing Forms!, you will
see a list of available forms. Then, after you select a form and type the !
character, a list of controls on the form is displayed.
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